Why Are You Eating That?

Why are you eating that? Yeah that, in your hand. What is the reason you are eating that right now? Are you hungry? Are you bored? Does it make you happy? Does it dull your emotions? Why are you still eating it? Aren't you full by now?

The reasons why we eat are many. We eat because it is time to eat. We eat because the diet tells us to. We eat because everyone else is eating. We eat because it's there. We eat because it tastes good and our life doesn't sometimes. We eat to dull the pain. How often do we really eat because we are hungry and stop because we are satisfied? Rarely.

What would happen if you ate solely based on what your body told you? Try it out. Eat only when you are hungry and stop the minute you are satisfied. Eat what your body is hungry for ( I am pretty sure it's not that diet shake in the pantry). What would happen to your plan? What would happen to your weight?

Every time you eat something ask yourself, "Why am I eating this bite?" The answer might surprise you.


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