Smart Women

My clients are all so much smarter than me. I have coached M.D.'s, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Attorney's, CEO's, Executives, Executive coaches, accountants, and many other very intelligent professionals. I am no where near as smart as most of them. I have a hard time spelling, doing basic accounting, and can't come close to understanding chemistry. Many of my clients do all these difficult things with ease and competency and yet they struggle relentlessly with their weight.

I believe the main reason very intelligent and accomplished women sometimes struggle with their weight is because they haven't spent enough time developing their emotional intelligence. Ending overeating is about understanding what is going on for us emotionally and taking the time to develop the ability to manage our emotions in productive ways. In demanding careers and high level education, there is often little time spent on body connection and self awareness. So many times, this catches up with stressed out, busy and successful professionals.

The weight struggle has nothing to do with being smart and it certainly has nothing to do with being lazy. Intelligent women understand nutrition and exercise and calories. What many women don’t truly understand is themselves and what causes them to overeat and gain weight in the first place.

So what I can offer my intelligent clients is a perspective on the basics. If they are eating and they aren't hungry there is something emotional causing them to eat. Once we find out the cause, the solution can be implemented. The solution is always internal and the results can then be permanent.


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