Internal vs. External Control

 You are tired of feeling fat.

You are tired of feeling heavy.

But what are you doing about this feeling?

Are you trying to get thin so you don’t have to feel fat anymore?

Well, that is what I call using external circumstances to control your feelings. Trying to control the outside to help you feel better inside. We choose to believe that if we were thin we would feel light and wonderful. But I suggest you turn it around. I suggest you change how you feel inside first, and then see it manifest on the outside.
If you are thinking thoughts about being heavy you will feel heavy. Thoughts cause your feelings. If you are feeling heavy you will take actions that are heavy. (fog eating, eating heavy food, sitting on the heavy couch)

Feelings cause actions. When your actions are heavy, you get heavy results. You are overweight and heavy. The cycle repeats.
To help with this process -think about the part of you that isn’t your body. Think about that unchanging you that is inside. This part of you is light and connected and weightless. Really do this. Think about it for a minute. When you are having thoughts of lightness and freedom; when you are focused on the essence of your BEING you will feel the feelings of lightness. You will want to take actions that help you feel light. Eating healthy food in small quantities makes your stomach feel light, it makes your body feel energetic, it make the cells in every inch of your body delight in just enough food to function without being overburdened. These actions will eventually lead you to the result of a lighter body.
That is how it works. Those are the rules. Your thoughts will dictate how you eat. Light thoughts lead to light feelings which lead to light meals. Light meals lead to a lighter body. The result always proves the original thought.
There is a part of you that is weightless.

Connect to that part of you.

Live FROM that part of you.

BE that part of you.

Then your body will change.
Use your mind.
Change your thoughts.
Feel good.
Your happiness is within you.

Connect to it.

Don’t let food block the way.


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