Why is weight loss so slow?

MAY 2007

“There are no failures, only quitters.” –Russell Simmons

“Why is weight loss so slow?”

I have many clients who come to me hoping I will be the magic pill for them. They want to read my book, have some coaching sessions and be thin-instantly. They want me to be the “drive through of weight loss”-instant relief from the pain of being fat.

But my process is not quick and instant. There are other programs out there that deliver faster results. Go on any restrictive diet and follow it religiously, and you will lose weight quickly. It is sooooo tempting to do this, isn’t it? Isn’t it tempting to see the scale move down so you can have some relief from the negative thinking?

This desire for the instant result can also happen when I have clients I have been working with for a long time and they hit a plateau. They sometimes want me to tell them exactly what to eat so they will lose weight faster. And, although I think it is important to change up the fuel now and then and experiment with what fuel feels good in your body; I do not think it is a good idea to resort to quick fixes.

Slow weight loss is permanent weight loss. It isn’t exciting and glamorous. And it certainly isn’t instant. It doesn’t provide the drama of regaining it all back pound by pound either. And most of us know what it is like to intensely diet only to regain the weight and more. I will tell you that this is hard to watch as a coach. Sometimes clients insist on restricting their intake below the hunger scale so they can lose weight quickly, which by the way, is mostly water weight. I silently watch as they get excited over the scale moving down. And no matter how much I try to soften the blow by encouraging them to listen more closely to their bodies and allow joy eating, the euphoria of five pounds down on the scale temporarily wins.

I wait patiently to get past this stage of desperation and restriction. And then sometimes I watch the client regain some weight because they can no longer stay so restrictive with their food, and they are just too damn hungry not to eat. It is challenging for me to listen to my client’s joy flat line as the scale numbers go back up. I know how that feels and it is a difficult thing to watch.

But that is when the real work can begin. When we give up on the magic pill that is when we learn that we are the magic they have been looking for. We have the ability to work hard and feel good about being strong enough to take the journey. We can feel empowered while developing patience with ourselves, and our bodies. And most importantly, we hopefully learn that we don’t have to wait to be thinner to feel good. We don’t have to wait for the scale to give us permission to smile. We can feel at ease in our bodies now.

The results that can be instant and fast are in how you feel. By learning how to change your thoughts and feelings, you can have the instant result of feeling better within your body and at the weight you are now. When you do this work and feel better now, you won’t be in such a hurry to lose weight. You will find that you have the patience to do it right so it can be long lasting and no longer a struggle.

Being light begins on the inside and radiates out. It is a feeling first and a manifestation next. Eating fuel and exercising is the only non-surgical way to lose weight permanently. Learning how to deal with the emotions that cause fog eating and changing the amount of joy in your life is something you can do right now-while you are losing weight slowly.

If you lose weight in a kind, gentle and self-realizing way, you will have the rest of your life to be thin.


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