What is the point of being thin?

So many of us miss it. We get so focused on counting calories and being hungry that we forget that the reason we want to be thin is so we won’t be miserable. And then we proceed to self-inflict misery through dieting and deprivation. Thin misery vs. fat misery, it is still misery.

There is a huge difference between a healthy, strong, well-fueled body and a thin, malnourished, tired body. One brims with vitality and energy and vigor. It is sturdy and solid. It is connected-it is an example of self-love. The other is withered and weak and wanting. It is frail and listless, panicked and hungry. It is deprived and longing for care and self-love. It finds no joy in being thin.

I recently met a woman who was thin and miserable. She smiled at me when she talked, but her eyes looked sad. She told me how terrified she was to gain the weight back and asked me if I could help her stay thin. When I asked her why she was so terrified to gain it back, she said, “I don’t want to be unhappy again.” I asked her if she was happy now. She looked back at me like I was missing the point. But I hadn’t missed the point, she had.

When you create a lifestyle that helps you manifest your vitality- you feel more alive. The more alive you feel, the less concerned you are with the size of your jeans. You feel happy about being happy. The joy comes and the desire to fog eat diminishes, and that alone is a huge reward. Of course the less you fog eat the more weight you lose, but that becomes the side effect of joy and not the only endgame.

The difference in the amount of joy you will feel between a size 10 and a size 8 is really miniscule. It is hardly worth the worry if you feel strong and capable and energized. But the difference between obesity and health is huge. It is a shift in your identity worth taking. It will increase the quality of your relationship with yourself.

Being thin for the sake of being thin is empty. Being at your natural weight by eliminating all the reasons you have for fog eating and not caring for yourself is the point. Change the question from, “How do I look?” to “How to I feel?” Then you have got it.


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