The Power of One Thought

When I am coaching a client, I am always trying to help them find their thoughts and evaluate them. So many of us never take the time to think about what we are thinking. Huh? We just think by default and we believe what we are thinking because we usually don't pay enough attention. Living a conscious life is about choosing what thoughts to believe.

Here is an example from my own life of two different thoughts:

1. I have to go to the gym or I will gain weight and get fat.

2. I want to go to the gym so I can continue to feel this fit and strong.

These thoughts seem to say about the same thing, but they sure do feel different to me. When I think thought #1 I get an image of myself fat and out of shape and out of a job. I feel lethargic and lazy and full of dread. When I think thought #2 I get an image of a fit body. I feel proud and strong and capable.

This is not some positive thinking mumbo jumbo affirmation. I don’t' have to talk myself into believing thought #2. I am not consciously trying to think something I don't believe like, "I have a perfect movie star body." I could also easily believe thought #1. But what I notice, is that when I think about what I want instead of what I don't want, I feel better and I do more.

It always goes back to the model that- what you believe is what you think over and over- and what you think is how you feel-and how you feel is how you act- and how you act gives you the result. So, in this case, the action and the result may be the same either way, but I find it much more fun to function from thoughts that I consciously choose.

What are you consciously or unconsciously thinking?


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