What Happy Women Know

I read a lot of self help books. And when I say a lot I really mean it. I sometimes read three a week. I would say I love one out of every ten I read. This book I love so much I am putting it on my blog. It is worth the read for every woman out there.

The author, Dan Baker, is the director of Life Enhancement at Canyon ranch and has been for many years. He uses real life examples from many different real women who I enjoyed and related to on many levels.

I am not going to pretend to do a literary review of this book by giving you a full recap, but I will say READ IT. I have underlined many passages and starred many paragraphs, and I will share a few here with you. But go get a copy for yourself and underline what resonates with you as well.

I was most mesmerized on the chapter Happiness and Health (Chap 9) for the obvious reason that I am a weight loss coach. He talks about how we define happiness for ourselves and how it is a very subjective and personal definition for every person. Some see happiness as a way of being, some see it as a sense of belonging, and others see it as a positive side effect of living a good life. But more importantly he states, “No matter. We can look at definitions of happiness until the cows come home. Without our health, we have nothing.”

I couldn’t agree more.

I tell my clients who are too busy to take care of themselves this over and over. Too often, we wait for something to go wrong before we pay attention to our health. What Dr. Baker is saying is that that absence of disease doesn’t mean that you are healthy. He prefers the definition: “The optimal condition of being that allows for the ultimate engagement of life.”

This is a quote by Jesse Williams M.D in a book he wrote in 1928. What a rock star this guy was!

Is your health (emotional and physical) in the optimal condition to engage in life fully? Are you prepped for the game of life? Are you taking care of yourself so you can be fully present in the moment? Is your health your top priority so you can be there optimally for everyone else who needs you?

Just wondering……

And if you read on you will get to the part where he talks about the ten qualities of happy women. See how many you have:

1. Believing in yourself
2. Knowing your True North
3. Taking Personal Responsibility
4. Having Courage
5. Being Altruistic
6. Embracing Optimism
7. Being Proactive
8. Appreciating Life
9. Sharing your Wisdom
10. Persevering

I believe I am a happy woman and I can assure you that I have all of these qualities in some small way. And the areas where I don’t have as much, I am working on.

This is a book I will not just read, but I will study. Join me!


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