” I Don’t Overeat When I’m Truly Happy “

I spent this last weekend with three amazing women- all of us coaches. I haven't laughed this much in a long while. We had a fantastic time. We all have very sarcastic humor and we have no problem making fun of ourselves. I laughed so hard I cried. Tears. Hiccups. Crying. When I think about some of the things we did I am still laughing. It really isn't fair that we have this much fun at work.

One of the women I was with had recently gained a few (eight) pounds due to a stressful situation at home that she ate her way through. She had been struggling a bit with fog eating and was ready to get back on track. Throughout the weekend she repeatedly said things like, "When I am having this much fun I don't think about food. Food is not an issue when I am laughing this much." I know, fascinating right?

But haven't you also noticed this to be true? When you are doing something engaging and meaningful don’t you notice that you don't think about food as much? When you're busy having fun and truly enjoying each moment, don’t you notice that you think less about finding a way to be alone with a bag of potato chips? When a client tells me they found themselves eating out of the refrigerator unable to stop, I ask them if they could have stopped if Oprah walked in the room and wanted to chat. I haven't heard "no" yet.

So what does this mean? It doesn't mean you have to change all your external situations to be thin. It doesn't mean if you are in a circumstance that isn't fun that you will always be fat. But what I think it does mean is that if we add more genuine joy to our lives, we will fog eat less. If we diversify our joy away from food, we just might lose a couple pounds.

Test out this theory and let me know what you find….


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