The Sandwich Experiment

For those of you who have read my book, you know that I recommend eating according to your body's genuine and subtle hunger cues. This usually works out to eating a small amount every two hours. We call it "eating -2 to 2" based on a hunger scale of -10 (starving) to +10 (full). In the beginning, some of my clients have trouble adjusting to this scale, and it takes some experimenting to get a clear idea of where their bodies are on the hunger scale.

I have been trying out this new experiment and it is working wonders-so I thought I would share it with all of you. First, pick a day where you won't be going out to eat at all. You might want to plan this day ahead of time so you won't be set up for disappointment by having to miss an event. On the morning of the day you pick, make three sandwiches on whole wheat or whole grain bread. Use regular sized loaves that are pre-sliced. Try to make the sandwiches different so you will have at least some balance through the day. For example: Sandwich 1 could be a peanut butter (all natural) and jelly, sandwich 2 could be a turkey with lettuce, onion and tomato, and sandwich 3 cold be tuna salad or egg salad or even ham. Then take each of the sandwiches and cut them in half. Put each half into a zip lock bag. Then every two or so hours, when you notice yourself at about a -2 on the scale, eat a half of the sandwich. If you eat one-half every two or so hours you will be done by the end of the evening and you will not eat any more that day.

This has been very revealing for my clients. Some have been flabbergasted that they didn't need more food than this-they felt completely fueled and satisfied the entire day. Other clients had a very hard time eating only one half of the sandwich because they didn't feel like it was enough, but after a few minutes realized they were completely satisfied. And still others thought it was weird to feel like they were eating all the time and yet they consumed relatively less than normal.

This is what it feels like to eat on the hunger scale. Feeling light all day long. Eating regularly. Being fueled. Planning ahead.

THIS IS NOT HOW I RECCOMMEND YOU EAT ON A REGULAR BASIS AND IT IS NOT A DIET. I just want you to try this out for one day and get to know yourself. Notice if you want to eat more and why. Notice if you want to eat less and why. Notice if you get hungry or not.

The point is to notice.

I would love to know what you discover. Please email me at with your findings.


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