The Beck Diet Solution

Have you guys read this newer book by Judith S. Beck? She is the daughter of Aaron Beck, the founder of cognitive therapy. How cool would it be to have such an influential Psychologist as your dad? And not only is she an amazing cognitive psychologist in her own right, but she has applied it all to weight loss! Lucky for us!

I don't agree with everything she writes, and some of her exercises I plain disagree with completely, but it is still a worthwhile read. She talks about how our thoughts (cognition) are really the arena we need to be playing in if we want to end emotional eating for the long term. If you change your thinking permanently, you change you behavior permanently. This is the mantra that I wholeheartedly agree with.

What Dr. Beck does so well in this book is identify common sabotaging thoughts that many dieters have when trying to lose weight. Thoughts such as: It's okay to eat this; It won't matter if I eat this; I can't waste food; and I can't stand being hungry.

As a coach in this field, these are the recycled thoughts I hear from many of my clients. I help my clients identify and question and ultimately change their thinking. Although Dr. Beck has a useful 7 questions technique to change the sabotaging thoughts, I prefer using the work of Byron Katie to turn our thinking around. It is the same idea, and ultimately may yield the same outcome of belief change, I just happen to believe Byron Katie is the master in this area.

The other part of this book that I found interesting is the section, "Practice Hunger Tolerance." Although I disagree that you should tolerate hunger because you need to stay on some diet schedule, I do agree that learning the physical sensation of hunger is not an emergency is important. I agree with her premise that if you are afraid of getting hungry you will eat constantly to avoid the sensation.

In my work, this would mean that you would not get to the point of -2 and knowing what that sensation is like in your body. Allowing yourself to feel that slight hunger is imperative when learning how to connect to your body.

There are many other gems in this very professionally written book. I do think it is worth a read if you have the time. I hope you find some tools that resonate with you that can be added to what you may already be doing.

As always, and with everything your read, keep what resonates with your true self and leave the rest.

I have nothing but respect and admiration for Dr. Beck and the Diet Beck Solution even with my differing opinions on some issues.

You can pick up her book at amazon.


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