I Don ‘ t Have to Worry About My Weight

Either do you.

Worrying about anything is a choice.

As many of you know, I am a Law of Attraction freak. I think Esther, Jerry and Abraham rock. Everything I read of theirs resonates with me on the deepest of levels. It compliments the work I have been doing with my clients for years.

The basic premise/truth that I teach my clients is this: Your THOUGHTS create your FEELINGS- which create your ACTIONS- which create your RESULTS, and your results will always prove the original thought whether you like it or not. So basically if you believe that you will always be fat, you will feel fat, you will eat too much, and then you will gain weight proving your original thought.

The Law of Attraction says the same thing but uses different words. It states: Your FOCUS creates your VIBRATION -which is what MANIFESTS- which attracts more of what you are focused on. Same truth. Different words.

So, going back to worrying about your weight- the FEELING is worry. I teach my clients to find the feeling and feel it. Then, I suggest they find the thought causing it. (Remember all feelings are caused by thoughts.) In this case the thought may be, "I will never lose this weight and my health will suffer." (You may think this is a fact, but really it is just your thought.) The good news is that if you want to stop the feeling of worry, all you have to do is change the thought.

Easy, right?

Well, this is where the law of attraction may help me explain. The Law of Attraction basically states that we attract to us what we are vibrating outwardly. And if we stay with the idea that feelings are really the vibrations in our body, then you can imagine what the vibration of "worry" might attract. More worry. More things to worry about. Because, as Abraham would say, "When you push against what you don't want, you are giving it your attention and attracting it."

So worry is focusing on the worst. Worrying is actually thinking about what you don't want. If you are worried it is because you have a belief or a thought that is not serving you.

Ok, so what should you do?

It is actually quite simple. Focus on changing your thoughts. Unwind the crappy ones and think about what you genuinely want. You will know when you have a great thought because it will make you FEEL amazing to think it. The more you think about it, the better you will feel and the more of it you will attract into your life.

If you find yourself thinking the thought and you feel icky, it is because you are thinking about not having it. Reword the thought so when you focus on it, you imagine yourself having it and feeling amazing having it.

The thoughts and the feelings come first. Remember, you may think you wan the result (thinness) so you can stop worrying about your weight. But the truth is, you have to change your thoughts to stop worrying so you can take inspired action, manifest, or attract the result.

If you feel good, you are doing it perfectly!


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