But I Deserve It!

“I deserved to eat it.” I have heard this reason for overeating more times than I can count. Clients will eat at a meal even when they aren't hungry, they will eat dessert when they are already at 4, or they will eat at a party after a long week all in the name of "deserving it."

But let me tell you what you are really saying when you say you deserve food you don't want or need:

I deserve to be uncomfortable.
I deserve to feel guilty.
I deserve to jeopardize my health.
I deserve to be disconnected from my body.
I deserve to not really enjoy or taste my food.
I deserve to live heavier than my natural weight.
I deserve to struggle.

You do not deserve any of the above. It is punishing and unkind. Eating past fullness or when you aren't joy-eating is like turning your back on yourself and looking over your shoulder at yourself and saying, "Too bad, you deserve this." YOU DON'T DESERVE PUNISHMENT. Whatever messed up belief you have pulled from your childhood that you blame yourself for has no relevance in your life now. Punishing yourself for something you THINK you did in your past is useless.

Here is what you deserve no matter what you think you have done:

You deserve to be happy.
You deserve to stop eating when your body doesn't need more fuel.
You deserve to enjoy each bite of a joy food.
You deserve to say "no" to food when you aren't hungry.
You deserve your own love.
You deserve your own protection.
You deserve kind thoughts towards yourself.
You deserve to live in a healthy, strong and lean body.
You deserve the feeling of lightness and freedom.

So please don't eat some chocolate concoction in the name of "deserving it."

You deserve better.


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