Never Settle

Think about all the areas of your life and which areas you know deep down inside you are settling when you deserve better. For some of you it is your job, for others it is the state of your relationships, and for most of you it is your body and health. In these areas you know you want more, but you have accepted bad or good instead of great. In Jim Collins' book, "Good to Great" he explains that good is the enemy of great. I love this idea. It the recipe for a mediocre life, when you know you could have a fantastic one.

My longest, dearest friend recently realized this about her life. She looked up from her daily routine of work, kids, husband, house, and body and realized she was settling. She was going through her days on automatic pilot with "no complaints." She knew that things weren't as good as they could be, but she had settled for "good enough."

So she decided to do something about it. She decided that if she wasn't moving forward toward the life she wanted, she was moving away from it. She learned the lesson that there is no standing still. You are either actively creating the life you want or you are taking what you "get." She started connecting with her body and doing her emotional work and lost 20 pounds in a few months. She started looking for a new job, found one and gave notice to her current employer. To her surprise, her current employer came to her and offered her to name her price in order to keep her at the company. She is now doing the same job for almost twice the amount of money! And finally, she decided to more actively engage in her relationship with her husband to make it better than just good and it became full of compliments, not just absent of complaints.

I saw her in person recently and she was glowing. She was alive and awake in her own life. She seemed proud and full of self-respect. She wasn't settling. She was moving forward into the life she wants and deserves.

What are you settling for in your life? What do you want to move towards instead?


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