Anything I Want

I used to dream about eating anything I wanted. I honestly thought that heaven was defined by eating whatever you want without gaining weight. I was 10 years old.

Today,as an adult, I experienced my childhood vision of heaven. I went to the grocery store with my kids and told them they could buy whatever they wanted for dinner. They both bought chemical filled Kid TV Dinners and Bottle Pops (don't ask).

I then decided I would give myself permission to buy whatever I wanted in the entire store for my dinner because my husband is out of town and I don't have to cook. After walking the aisles, I decided I wanted sliced salami, brie and a baguette. But more importantly, I wanted People, US and Oprah magazines. Interesting.

So we came home and put on Sponge Bob and ate "whatever we wanted". It was fun. I ate about 10 pieces of salami, about one-third of the brie and one-third of the baguette.

And then I felt sick.

So I got a bottle of water, my O magazine, and curled up by the fire and had a cuddle with my son.

Now, that, truly was heaven.

It's not about the food and it never was.


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