Confusion vs. Commitment

I have a client right now who has been at this a while and is very tuned into herself. She recently sent me an email about how confused she was. She talked about how she couldn't decide what to do or when to do it. And even when she did make a decision, she second guessed herself and then was confused again. She, very brilliantly, came to the conclusion that she must "get" something from being confused because she did it often. Being confused is a choice that she recognized she was making.

I replied to her and told her that I thought confusion is a way of staying out of the game. It is a way of not committing. It's a way of being on the sidelines. Confused people aren't in the moment and they rarely take connected and inspired action-they just sit in unproductive rumination.

After reading her email, I realized that many of my clients and readers are in this same place. Many of you are confused. "Will this program work for me?" "What am I supposed to eat?" "How much should I exercise?" "Should I even bother losing weight?" "I don't think I understand how to feel my feelings." These are statements I hear over and over from confused readers who genuinely want to lose weight. Confusion is getting in the way. Confusion is keeping them from taking action.

So, from now on, chose clarity. It really is as easy as making a decision. The statements would look more like this: "This program is going to work for me." " I know exactly what my body needs." "I know how to feel." "I will lose this weight." These are the beliefs and statements that define a commitment to yourself and your process. By saying, "I am not sure what to do," you lie to yourself and keep yourself from committing to your dreams.

The worst thing that can happen if you make a choice to believe in yourself is that you have made a choice to believe in yourself. You have chosen commitment over confusion.

It truly is a choice. Make it!


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