I love shopping. I love going to Nordstrom and buying clothes. I love knowing that I can grab a size 8 off the rack and it will fit. I love that I am not a slave to the trends I know exactly what clothes I like. I like the ones that fit my personality and my body.

I know what you are thinking: "I would love shopping too if I were a size 8." But here is my little secret-I learned to love to shop before I lost all my weight. I started by creating some rules for myself and they are rules I still live by. I thought that I would share them with you.

1. I rarely try on clothes in the store. I like to bring them home and try them on in my own home with my own lighting at my own pace. This way I can pair items with clothes I already have in my closet. If they don't fit right or match my shoes I simply return them.

2. I buy according to what looks good-not the size. If I bring home a size 8 and it is too tight I return it for a 10. If a size 8 is too big- I return it for a 6. I do not define myself by a number. I have no issue with a size if it looks good on my body. I would much rather wear a 14 and look hot than wear a 6 and have a muffin top.

3. I buy high quality clothes that are comfortable and have clean lines on my body. I do not like clothes that pull or bunch or that I have to fuss with.

4. I buy clothes that are in my favorite colors and look good against my skin.

5. When I buy a piece of clothing I try to put an outfit together. I find if I just buy one piece I like and I have nothing to wear with it- I will never wear it.

6. I buy clothes because I love them-not because they are on sale.

7. My last and final rule: For every piece of clothing I add to my closet I have to take one away. This keeps my closet manageable and helps me think more deeply about each purchase.

So no matter what size you are, find a way to love shopping. Even if you have to shop in the larger clothes departments-there are beautiful clothes that will feel good on your body. If you can start now,as you are losing weight, it will become easier and easier. Please don't put your shopping on hold until you lose weight. Caring about your appearance now is part of the process.

And finally, for the love of God, don't ever AND I MEAN EVER FOR ANY REASON put on a pair of high- waisted jeans with a tapered leg. This is the worst thing we can do if we have extra weight. It is the worst thing we can do even without extra weight. Buy jeans that fit, put on a belt, and make sure the waist of the pants is NOT AT YOUR WAIST.

We can look hot at any size. Don't wait.


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