I Am Not Your Magic

I took on a new client last week who had been on my waiting list for quite a while. After the first week of coaching, she lost four pounds. She was dissapointed. She thought that the minute she hired me she would lose ten. She wanted me to have a secret, a magic pill. She wanted me to say the perfect thing.

I explained to her that my work was about helping her access her magic. I told her that what she genuinely wanted was to feel acceptable, appreciated and loved. I could feel that way towards her all day long, but until she felt her for herself, she wouldn't believe me. She thought I could love her enough to make her lack of self love not matter. This is a common mistake.

I am so glad I couldn't give her magic or love her enough. If I could, she might become dependent on me. She might think her only way to be happy would be to keep paying me or move to my town. She would think that I had something she didn't. And I don't.

The only difference between us is that I don't eat when I am not hungry. I don't seek happiness in things outside of myself. I don't believe that there is anyone or anything "out there" that has something I need to feel good. I know that a thin body is not happiness, but the effect of happiness. I know that what I need is within me now. It is what beats my heart and warms my soul when I remove all the negative thinking in the way.

I am not your magic.
I am my magic.
And you are yours.


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