Unexpected Gratitude

Two things happened to me this year that were unexpected, delightful, loving and overwhelming. I thought I would use this blog to share them with you because it's the time of year when miracles are in the air. I have a belief that the world and its in habitants rock, and here is my proof….

Thing that happened #1: I am going to have to make a long story short so stay with me. A few months ago, I traveled with Martha Beck, Meadow DeVor and Koelle Simpson to Montana to stay at the Paws Up Ranch. I realize that this alone is enough to be grateful for for years, but there is more. One evening while at the ranch I got into a golf cart drag race with a few of my traveling companions. It was dark and cold outside and the flap on the golf cart kept getting in my way of taunting my opponent- so I kept flipping it up to talk smack as we passed. (Of course we won.)

What I didn't realize was that during this late-night, mud-spraying, golf cart drag race my wedding ring had flown off my finger. I guess my fingers had shrunk because of the cold and in grabbing the flap of the golf cart and flipping it….well the ring could have been anywhere.

Here are the miracles that followed:

1. When I got back to our cabin and noticed the ring was gone I did not panic. Meadow did not panic. We went and looked for the ring-BUT NEVER STOPPED LAUGHING AND HAVING FUN. We did not argue with reality or let it ruin our night.

2. When I emailed my husband to tell him the bad news his reply came through, "Well, Christmas is coming." ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????

3.Now this is the one that takes the cake: The next morning we were driving to the stable and I was talking to my friends in the van about what had happened. The driver, WES, was there listening. Now Wes was not supposed to be there because he had said goodbye the night before knowing that this day was going to be his day off. So we were happy and surprised to see him. He had come in just to drive us to the stable because someone had called in sick. We said goodbye again when he dropped us off-and we hoped we would see him next year.

Much to my surprise- 5 HOURS LATER – I see Wes coming into the stable area with an envelope. MY RING!!!!!!!!!!! He had spent five hours looking for and finding my ring ON HIS DAY OFF. When he handed it to me I started sobbing. Those of you who have met me know that I do not cry easily- but i could not help myself. I had to go the bathroom to get a grip.

This was the most unexpected act of kindness I have ever experienced. I thanked him for ten straight minutes and all he could say was, "It truly was an honor." I am still not sure how he found it in the mud and gravel and fields-but I will never forget his act of kindness for as long as I live.

I wrote the owners of the resort a letter with a check for Wes. I insisted that they insist he take it. (Wes is the kind of person that would refuse it.) I will never be able to repay him for finding my beloved ring-but even more importantly I will never be able to repay him for this overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude that fills my heart at this moment just thinking about the experience.

Thing that happened #2: For those of you who read this blog regularly, you will understand how amazing this one is. I woke up this morning to the Fedex guy ringing my door bell. When I opened the box and looked inside there was another box with LOUIS VUITTON written on it. (Yes. Let's pause in honor.) My mind was racing trying to remember what I had purchased from Louis-but let's just say when you spend money at this store it is not something you soon forget and I knew I hadn't EVER bought anything from them,let alone recently.

And what should be inside????



Brace yourself for this…

Guess who it was from?


One of you who had read that reference in one of my blogs AND THEN HAD IT SENT TO MY HOUSE FOR ME FOR CHRISTMAS.

I am in a state of heightened gratitude, appreciation and awe.

It is not about the bag. (Don't get me wrong-the bag is smokin hot.)

It is not about my desire for the bag. (Don't get me wrong- I am materialistic that way.)

It is not about it being the best Christmas present EVER.

It is about the THOUGHT. (I realize this cliche is so overused I shouldn't use it again-but I will because it IS TRUE.)

One generous, loving, wonderful, OUT OF THE BOX thought that literally has me on clouds today.

And you know what I am thinking????? What can I do to pay this forward? I want to be as thoughtful as she was.

I want to give someone the gift of OVERWHELMING UNEXPECTED GRATITUDE because I have had my fair share this year.

Are you in?


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