Being Myself

In my practice, my main goal with my clients is to show them that they are spectacular. No matter what they think about themselves or accept about themselves- I encourage them to at least BE themselves.

In almost any situation a client can ask me what to do and I can answer with, "Be yourself. Tell the truth. The people who accept your truth are your people. The people who don't accept your truth aren't your people and that is ok."

I know this is easier than it sounds. I live my truth. I tell my truth. And, frankly, some people don't like it and some people do. But that is not relevant. I believe that I am meant to live in an authentic and genuine way, and sometimes that is just plain confusing.

For example:

I LOVE the work of Byron Katie and Abraham. I love to meditate. I love yoga. I can sit in silence for hours and not get bored. I love hiking in silence. BUT I also love Dane Cook and loud 80's rap. I love obnoxious laughter and having so much fun I get kicked out of a restaurant.

I love kindness-that deep, unabashed, loving, unconditional, I-would-do-anything-for- you kindness. But I also love sarcasm and mockery.

I love expensive cars like BMW and Mercedes-but I also love Velveeta Cheese and plastic plates from Walmart.

I love technology and email and iphones, but I also love nature and wild animals and our planet.

I am loud and in-your-face and bold, and then sometimes I am quiet and very shy.

I eat high-grade fuel for my body and then every once in a while I order and eat Nachos from Taco Bell.

I am a mass of contradictions. I am confusing and unpredictable. It is exciting and fun and scary and humbling living this life in a way that feels authentic.

I have friends who cringe when I swear and others who complain when I don't. I have friends who are Atheists and friends who are Catholics. I love them all deeply. I notice they have contradictions just like me. I notice they are as confused by themselves and by this life just as much as I am.

But what I also notice, is that when I live my life in a way that feels "Brooke," in a way that feels authentically true, I am happy. It doesn't mean I won't change my mind or switch directions or live in complete contradiction. It just means that I seek my truth and live it no matter what.

And the people who can stand it-stay. And those who can't-leave, and I can't blame them.

But I always have me. And that is enough.

Are you living your truth?


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