Greedy for What ‘ s Inside You?

I love reading "O" The Oprah Magazine. It is my monthly non-food treat. It is always filled with great articles and interviews. This month, on page 19, it has a mind-pausing quote:

"Why do so many…settle for so little? I don't understand why they are not greedy for what is inside them." -Jack Gilbert (Poet)


When I read this, every part of me resonated with it. I do feel greedy for "what is inside me," because it feels like it is not of me. It feels like it comes from something bigger and connected. I have found that when I look for what is inside me, the journey towards joy is successful; and when I am greedy for what is "outside" of me, the journey leaves me empty.

Find it within and then it manifests. Isn't that the message of The Secret and the Law of Attraction that we have all heard so much about? In my life, nothing seems to be more true than this premise. I have found more joy on a Tuesday sitting in silence than I ever did seeking gurus or on pilgramges to Europe,Figi, or Los Angeles.

I have found, within myself, a passion to live in a very specific way and I have listened. I have found everything that I was ever looking for in food, a mate, a career or a friend within me at each moment. It is magical, and yes, I am greedy for more…


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