What Really Matters to my Clients

It is that time of year when I hear from clients I haven't heard from in a while. They send me cards with pictures and notes in the mail. More often than not, they tell me that they have and are living a wonderful life. They thank me for the tools, I introduced them to, that have given them back to themselves.

The common theme in the notes I receive is that they now love themselves and have hope for their future. They talk about how they have improved their relationships with the people they love, gone after some long lost dreams, and increased their daily amount of joy. Then, without fanfare, they mention how much weight they have lost. It is usually a very significant number of pounds, but it is not the point of their note.

I love this more than anything. It confirms my belief that when we love and respect ourselves, when we create our own joy, when we take responsibility for a conscious life; weight loss is inevitable. But it is also secondary to how good we feel.

We come thinking that we want to LOSE weight, but what we really want is to FIND ourselves.

I want to thank each and every one of my clients for being a part of my life. I think of you often, and it is so fun to hear your updates. Each of you have taken me deeper into myself. Each of you have inspired me to remain connected to the person I have found underneath the fat- My True Self.

I love you all and hope you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.


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