"People don't respect me because I am fat."

"No, the point is you don't respect you."

"Excuse me?"

"Well, do you? Do you respect you?"


"That may be why you don't think they respect you. You teach them how to treat you."

Are you using fat on your body as an excuse not to respect yourself? Are you wearing clothes that don't look nice on your body? Keeping your closet and bathroom a mess? Shoving garbage in your mouth without paying one bit of attention?

You might say it is because you are fat that you don't feel like taking care of yourself. But the truth is- it is because you aren't taking care of yourself that you have extra fat. Self-respect is an inner process that requires work. It requires clearing out your mind of all negative thinking and self-talk. You will see the results of this work manifested in your external environment-including your body.

I find that you can do this work at the same time and it works even better. If you clean out your mental closet and at the same time clean out your real closet you have a visual manifestation of the work.

Many times my clients say they will do things once they lose the weight- I always encourage them to do those things now. To live in the state of self love and respect in a way that is abundant.

You might try pulling all the clothes out of your closet the next time you feel like overeating. I mean every last one. Put them in a big pile on you bed. Then clean your closet. Wipe it down. Vacuum the carpet. Touch up the paint. Then, replace only the items you LOVE to wear. Find things that fit you beautifully and are high quality. Replace clothes that give you a sense of yourself when you wear them. Get a huge garbage bag and fill it with items that you haven't worn in a year.

Pretend like you are the Queen and your closet needs to be organized, clean and presentable. Your closet can be a place you would be proud to show a friend on a tour of your home. Don't have it be one more thing you have to excuse.

You can repeat this process for the drawers in your bathroom and your kitchen. Clutter in your home is the same thing as clutter on your body; they come from the same disrespect for yourself. By dong the external and internal work at the same time, you are increasing your chances for success.

If other people don't respect you, that is their business. It tells you about them. What is your life telling you about you?


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