Inhabit Your Body

I am reading Marianne Williamson's new book "The Age of Miracles" right now, and I must say I am loving it. I have been a fan of Marianne's writing since she wrote "A Return to Love" and "A Woman's Worth." (If you haven't read "A Woman's Worth" -you must.) The books she wrote after those two seemed to get political and too angry for my taste, but she comes back to the inward focus in this latest book and I love it.

The main message of her book is that as we get older we care less about the external validation and more about our own. She discusses the process of letting go of the "thought tracks" that were laid down in childhood in favor of consciously choosing our own thoughts. And she writes beautifully about how it is less important to figure out what we want to do, and more important to figure out who we want to be.

Here is a sample of her wonderful writing:

"There's little in life more satisfying than feeling that at last you've taken ownership of yourself. You don't have to be afraid anymore that some part of you-some fractal not yet integrated into your personality-is going to trip you up. You feel at last like you inhabit yourself. You finally went into all the rooms, turned the lights on, and settled in."

"Taking ownership of yourself" is something to think about. Have we really fully stepped into the ownership role in our own lives?

When we take full ownership and responsibility, blaming stops. We have no reason to escape our own pain, because we can now see that we are the ones creating it. In our past, the pain may have seem to come from the external world. As adults, we understand that we alone are the ones carrying the torch of suffering and all that is required is acknowledging this fact and putting it down.

Fog eating is a way that we attempt to escape ourselves. We use food to get out of inhabiting own bodies by focusing on food and feeling numb to the space of vibration within us. As we realize that we can change our lives by "re-inhabiting" our bodies, we may experience what it means to be fully engaged with life.

Ultimately, we learn that living our lives has very little to do with how our bodies look and much more to do with how we feel. When we learn this very important lesson, we eat less and we love ourselves more. Of course, this leads to weight loss. But we feel so good already, it hardly matters so much.

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