There are two ways to want. You can want from a place of believing or you can want from a place of doubt. The only difference is pain.

When you want something (like thinness), and you believe you will have it, you most likely will feel excited and happy and motivated. I remember the moment when this happened to me. I had committed to taking better care of myself, and had been at it for a while, when it occurred to me that I would be thin and I would never abuse my body fat again. It was exhilarating. I was still in my heavier body, but I was bouncing around with excitement. I was happy; I wanted more and I believed I would get it.

Most often, new clients come to me and want with doubt. They want to be thin more than almost anything and they are very doubtful that this will ever happen for them. Even though they have hired me with mild hope that "this" will work, deep down they later admit that they don't believe it will.

It think this is why many people just stop wanting. "I want for nothing," they will say. "I have just accepted that I will be obese and that this is just my life." It is heartbreaking and completely unnecessary.

I do think it is important to keep wanting. Wanting more is how we grow and how we are inspired to action. I think what we want is actually very important information, that when followed, can lead us to the life we are most joyful living.

So think about what you want in your life and notice how it feels to want it. If it feels good, you most likely believe that you will have it. If it feels painful, there may be some doubtful thoughts that you can work through in order to unleash your inspiration to act.

You can follow these steps:

1. Write down what you want.
2. Write down the feeling associated with the want.
3. If it feels painful-write down why you believe you might not have what you want.
4. Evaluate these thoughts of doubt for logic and then test their turn-arounds.
5. Change these thoughts to thoughts that support your belief that you can and will have what you want.
6. Repeat as necessary.

What I want is for you to live in your body at it's natural weight and to eat in a way that feels healthy and invigorating to you. I am feeling very good about this want because I believe you can and will have it!


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