I am listening to a Cd set by Pema Chodron (Getting Unstuck) right now. I am loving it and you should all buy it from She is truly a Master teacher.

One of her main teachings is the brilliant instruction to stay. The simplicity of the word she repeats in her beautiful voice sends tingles through my body. Stay. Stay. Stay.

We fog eat because we don't want to stay. We don't want to stay connected to our bodies and in the vibration of our negative emotions. We want to dull the vibration of our negative emotions by filling our empty space with food. We want to leave. We want to escape.

But what might happen if we stay? Stay put. Stay in the emotion. Stay connected. Stay still. Stay present. Seriously consider this. What are you afraid might happen? Are you sure this will happen? Does it even make any sense.


Stay in the pain long enough to let it go.

Stay in the moment.

Stay in your body.

What I notice, is that when I stay still, the the emotion goes right through me. It is almost like standing still when a gust of wind blows in from the distance. I see it coming and know it is big by the way it is flipping loose objects about, but if I stay, it comes and whips right through me and is gone. If I try to outrun the wind, what I find is that I can never stop running.

You can't outrun your feelings either. Nor do you want to. Our feelings help us know we are alive and awake and in the moment. If you are willing to feel and not eat, you get to meet yourself at the deepest, most intimate level. If we are willing to stay in your life, you get the benefit of experiencing it.

Stay. In. Each. Moment.


No food required.



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