About Brooke

What about me?

First, I know you want to know what I look like:


Some of my friends don’t think I look pretty enough in this picture to use it on my site, but the truth is that most of the time I don’t look too pretty.  My mouth is usually open really wide laughing.

I think this photo captures my personality.

Besides, none of you read my blog because I am pretty.

What else do you want to know?

I am married to the best of the best kind of man.  His name is Chris and, well, he is just yummy.


I have two hilarious kids:  Connor (left) and Christian (right)

What else?

That’s all that really matters.

But I did write a couple books:  Self Coaching101 , If I am So Smart, Why Can’t I Lose Weight?, The 42 Day Jumpstart, and It Was Always Meant to Happen that Way.  (Want to get one? Click here) 

I write this blog.

I do yoga daily.

I love Apple Computers, Chai Lattes, people who love to laugh, The iphone, books on CD, Self Help anything, and being a student.

I am constantly working on always telling the truth to myself and then living it.

I love that you and I have shared even just this moment here in cyberspace. It matters to me that you have come and that you care to read “About” me.

Know, that I too, care about you.




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Our thoughts create our reality- good or bad

We can change our thoughts

There are many tools that work effectively on changing thoughts

Our thoughts drive our actions

There is nothing we truly want that we can’t have

It isn’t what we get to do-but who we get to be

All of our power is in this moment right now,
but that doesn’t mean we don’t focus on the future in this powerful moment

It has to be fun or forget it

I take what I learn and apply it in a way that resonates

I simplify the lessons that work most effectively
I teach the lessons to others

I focus on my strengths
I never apologize for the truth
I believe everyone deserves heaps of joy in this lifetime
I know the past has no power over me
I live a life knowing that everything I want is within me now
I realize that intelligence is not just in the mind
I believe it is possible to be spiritually aligned and wealthy
I strive for the impossible so I can call on a strength greater than myself
I believe I was put on the planet to coach, teach, and Be
I believe my happiness is the best gift I have to give my children
I know my husband is the best thing that ever happened to me as a human
I am intense and focused
I love my clients and feel it is a privilege to work with them-not the other way around
I am not better than you and I am not worse than you
Reading is as important to me as showering (sometimes more so)