Eat on Purpose

What did you eat today? Really think about it. Did you eat it on purpose or by default?

It was all I had in the house.
I was busy today and just had to grab something,
I didn't have time to eat until I passed the vending machine.
It was fast and easy.

These are all comments by my clients. These are comments of someone who is not eating on purpose.

Eckhart Tolle says, "Illness sneaks in when you are not present in your body."

I believe the same is true of obesity and weight gain. We check out of our connection to ourselves and how our bodies feel. We stop paying attention to how the donut slows us down or the candy bar spikes our blood sugar. We just toss whatever is available into our mouths with little regard to how it will serve our body.

Everything that goes into your mouth can be on purpose. Each bite can be a decision to serve your body and yourself. If you are living in an unconscious way and you feel as if you life is happening to you, start by eating on purpose. You can use each meal as a way to "awaken" and be conscious.

Here are some questions that can keep you on task:

Why am I eating this?

Am I eating this on purpose?

How can I plan on eating in a way that serves me?

How does this food feel in my body?

Remember that perfection is not required. Beating yourself up is never allowed.

Each day is a new day, and each hour is a new hour, to eat purposefully.

Start now.


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