Future Focus

I have had a few questions about the idea of "Future Focus," that I mention in my book. How does this concept correlate with "Being in the Moment" which is also so important? It is a common question that comes up with Law of Attraction vs. The Power of Now which are two very popular practices.

I just want to clarify that, from my perspective, they are not in conflict. Future Focus is a practice of thinking and visualizing the future we want. The reason why we focus on the future and what we want is not so we can escape this moment (although this is a common habit of many people). It is not about rejecting this moment for a future moment. Rejecting this momemet causes suffering because it takes us out of Presence.

We can think about our future and visualize our future in the present moment. The way we can tell if it is serving us as a good practice is by the way we feel. So, when we think about being thinner and we align with that feeling NOW we have created the very state of now that will attract what we want in our lives.

When we accept where we are, visualize what we want, and feel good about it; we have the ingredience for manifestation.

When you want to be thin-what you really want is how you think thin feels. If you can align with those feelings in this moment by imagining the future state of your body you will live in a way that creates a thinner body.

Your mind will be there instantly if you stay present with the feelings.

So Future Focus is not about being in the future in your mind. It is about accessing the feelings of your future body and feeling them now in this present moment of peace, joy and freedom.

There is tremendous power in knowing what you want in the future and being present with the feeling that genuine desire conjures in the moment.

When you do both you are practicing Law of Attraction and The Power of Now at the same time.


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