The Gym

A brilliant email from one of my clients that I had to share……

It's funny I just realized today at the beginning of my gym journey I
made this decision not to be a taker at the gym – and I haven't been
at all – clearly – but it was fun to look down at what this
particular gift of self-love has given me and how so much of it is
not what I WOULD have asked for. So… what I mean is this… before
going to the gym I would have said – I want to go to the gym because
I want to get skinny – Gym=grocery store – you go to the store to
buy milk. You go to the gym to buy skinny. Then I would go to the gym
– not get skinny – and think – this gym sucks. And not go back – I am
an unsatisfied customer.

This time I went to the gym because I knew it was the right thing to
do to take care of my body. So I went for myself. I went because I
asked it of myself to care for myself as I would a pet or a child. I
didn't expect ANYTHING – it was more like I was fulfilling a duty.

And here's what I got –
– time with myself – like a daily date
– a new relationship with my iPod and some new music and podcasts
– a total sense of belonging and comfort in any gym!
– an awareness of how much more I can do than I sometimes realize
which translates into brain activities not just body activities
– better posture
– nice square shoulders, crazy strong biceps, rock solid calves and
– the pleasure of touching my body and feeling the effects of my efforts
– a new understanding of goal setting and slow but steady progress
– pride when I've it a goal – the day I ran 30 consecutive minutes,
my first 5K on the treadmill, my first 5K outside, my 2:30 minute
quarter mile on the track (which was down from 3:40!), and of course
benching 100 lbs.
– a deep belief that I can do anything I set my mind to

And here's what I learned: I went to the wrong store for milk. In
fact – the gym isn't a store at all….it's a Church.


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