Why Aren ‘ t We Talking About My Weight?

Many of my clients will start coaching with me and we won't talk about their weight or what they are eating. They have hired me to help them lose weight and yet I don't talk about their food journals or what the scale says.


Because the weight is the symptom of a deeper issue. The weight is the effect-the result of the thinking causing it. To talk about the symptom and how to alleviate the symptom, without addressing the cause, is a waste of our time in my opinion.

But my clients are in a hurry. They want to be skinny. They want the weight off their bodies. They want me to say the magic life coaching words that will take away their desire to eat. Some want me to beat them up when they overeat. Others want me to hold them accountable for working out.

This is symptom work. And frankly, I am better than that. And so are they. And so are you.

As I work with more and more clients who want to lose weight, I realize that I am using many of the same tools that are not specific to weight loss. Some of you may have listened to my class titled Self Coaching 101 which is a sample of some of that work. I am currently working on a book of the same title.

I have also decided to expand my practice to work with any client who wants to learn to coach themselves. Unlike some other life coaching professionals, I am trained to get to the cause of my client's suffering and give them tools to get out on their own and then send them on their way. I am not trained to keep treating symptoms so they will "stay" with me as a client for years. My goal is to coach, teach you how to coach yourself, and then keep in touch as your life expands to hear how you are doing.

With this model in mind, I am completely revamping my website (coming soon!) and the organization of my practice. I will be continuing the WEIGHT LOSS COACHING and my once a year retreat (keeping it small and limited to 10 people). I will add on the SELF COACHING 101 book and in-person seminar tour throughout the country where I will get to meet so many of you who have been requesting I come to your town. The third part of my practice will be COACH MENTORING where I will supplement the work that I have been doing as an Master Instructor for MBI. I will be offering one on one and group coaching on how to take your coaching practice to the next level. I will also be providing training in all my weight loss tools and personal coaching methods.

I am very excited about this expanded direction. The feedback and input I get through email each day is motivating and exciting! Thank you all for joining me on this journey. I will keep you updated as this blog moves over to my new site and my posts change from being heavily weight related to more universal in their application. I will be talking about the books I am reading, the tools I am developing, and the experiences I am having on the road and one on one with my clients.

I hope you will join me!

By the way, I wanted to share with you a great CD that some of my colleagues put together for a seminar we produced a few weeks ago. I LOVED listening to it as it has many of the tools I use everyday explained by some really awesome coaches. You can purchase a copy at http://www.stellarcoachingsolutions.com. I rarely recommend products- but this one is really great! Let me know if you agree.


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