I am Not “Blank” Enough

I was working with one of my clients this week who was convinced she wasn’t smart enough.  I spent most of the session laughing at her so-called proof for this limiting belief. (Its  my latest tool-Belief Mockery.)   It went something like this:

I know I graduated college with a high GPA without studying, but that doesn’t mean I am smart.
I know that I got a very high score on the GRE with very little studying, but that doesn’t really mean I am smart.
I know that I was one of 6 accepted into my MA program, but that is beside the point.
I know that I found it very easy to get my Masters and others struggled, but it was so easy for me that it doesn’t really count.

This is the point where you can insert me laughing hysterically.  She is crying because she takes this story very seriously, but I am laughing at how ridiculous her logic has become in order to hang on to this limitation.

So I asked her how she defined the word "smart."

She said,  "Well, you are very smart."

(Insert much more Brooke laughter here.)

I said, "How do you define smart?"

She said, "The ability to retain and recall information."

I reminded her that I don’t know where Iowa is on the map and I have to use spell checker to spell the word, "response."

She said,  "Who cares about that? You are such a smart coach and you know exactly what to say to coach your clients."

"Yes," I said; " I am smart in exactly the ways I need to be smart, and not smart in others.  I am exactly smart enough.  I don’t need to be smart in grammar because I am not meant to be an editor.  I need to be smart in coaching because that is my destiny."

She got it.
She agreed.
She was so relieved.

She said, " I am exactly as smart as I need to be to fulfill my destiny."


Yes she is.  So are you.

You are exactly as smart as you need to be.

You are exactly as thin as you need to be. 

You are exactly as loved as you need to be.

You are exactly as pretty, knowledgeable,organized, social, athletic, and brilliant in the areas you need to be to fulfill your destiny.

That’s why it’s easy-you’re meant to do it.

So fill in the blank for yourself:

I am exactly as (blank) as I need to be.