I can't stand it when us coaches use this word.  Every time I hear it I cringe-even if I am the one saying it.

I don't believe in balance. I don't want balance.

I love extremes.

But only if they're fun.

Seriously, how many times have you beaten yourself up because you aren't balanced enough?  Maybe you don't spend enough time with the kids or cook sit down meals or balance your check book or call your mother enough and you think if you had more balance in your life you would do all of these things. Everything would have its special place in the balance pie.

To me, balance means you do everything a little and you don't really get knee deep in any of it.

This last weekend I went on vacation with my best friend.  There was nothing balanced about it.  We water skied until we couldn't move our bodies, we ate liquorice for breakfast, we laughed until our husbands rolled their eyes and we plotted how to do it all again next week.

We are both full time mothers and full time workers.  We don't balance.  Sometimes we forget to feed our kids. ("Goodnight mom.  I love you. Why didn't we eat dinner today?") , Sometimes we forget to do our work because we are playing with our kids.  And sometimes we just spend three hours getting pedicures on Tuesday when the house is a mess and there is a pile of work to do on our desks. Balance wouldn't allow for any of this fun.

My mom raised me to be well-rounded.  She wanted me to be good at most things and have lots of experiences-but I think I turned out very pointy and extreme.  I don't want a good income- I want to be a multi-millionaire. I don't want to be a good coach-I want to rock my client's worlds. I don't want work-life balance- I want a complete overlapped mess.  I want to accept that I forgot to feed my kids on Wednesday, but then made a four-course meal on Thursday.

I am tired of beating myself up for what I am not and I am tired of hearing my friends do the same.  I want to be who I am- outright extreme and intense and joy-chasing. I want my kids to see that and not "balance."  I am going to step off the tight-rope of "perfection" so balance isn't required and live my life from one extreme to another.

Wanna join me?