As many of you already know, I always have a book in my hand.  I just finished reading Abraham's new book (Amazing!).  It is called, Money and the Law of Attraction and you should buy it today.

I love money and I love reading about money.  I think everyone should have gobs of money because it helps us fulfill our dreams and our destinies.  Money is a fantastic indicator of how aligned our thinking has been recently.  If you have a lot of money-you have most likely been thinking very abundant money thoughts. If you have very little, you most likely have been thinking thoughts of lack.

Test me on this. Ignore all the circumstances in your life and just check your money thinking.  How has it been?  How is your bank account lookin?

My new mantra is this:  My thoughts make my money.

And you know what? The only people who argue with me about this and try to convince me this isn’t a true statement are people who have very little money!  I just realized this.  I have never had a really rich person argue this point with me.  You know why?  They know it’s true!

My girlfriend called me today and said she would like more money but she can’t have it because she doesn’t have more time to work.  I asked her if she thought money equaled time spent working.  She said it did. She also said that time spent working took away time from her family-so ultimately having money meant she had to sacrifice her family.  Yikes!  No wonder she doesn’t have much money!

Check your own thoughts on money.  Don’t just skim the surface thoughts-really find out what you believe.  Here is a hint:  The results you have in your life (the amount of money you have) is a direct reflection of what you believe/think.  Are your thoughts giving you the results you want?

Here are my thoughts about money-see if any resonate with you:

  • Money is easy.
  • Money is one of many tools I use to have fun
  • Money is the effect of my thinking
  • Money is a byproduct of my alignment
  • There is no limit to the amount of money I can attract
  • I have all the money I need and can access it anytime I chose
  • Money is a way I can help others
  • Money is an indicator of how powerful our thoughts are
  • Money is one way to express abundance, generosity, joy, and love
  • Nothing external determines how much money I have
  • I can teach people how to get all the money they could ever want by the clarity of my example.
  • There is more than enough money to go around
  • The more money I have the more money others have
  • Having money increases my capacity to give
  • Money does not hinder, but enhances by ability to love and care for my family and loved ones
  • It is not the paper dollars that excite me, but the abundant energy those symbols represent that I am able to attract in huge quantities that I am passionate about
  • There is no amount of money that is too good to be true
  • The more money I have, the less I need to think about money-not the other way around.
  • Money is not the root of all evil-it is the root of opportunity
  • Not to mention fun, travel, excellent medical care for those I love, education, books, a beautiful home, a safe car, comfortable clothes, sports teams for my kids, rounds of golf for my husband, time off with my family, a fast computer, tutoring for my son, fresh healthy food, movies, huge savings accounts, kick ass retirement plans, a reality show production budget, care for my mother in law, and huge donations to organizations that know how to help the people on this planet.

Now think about your thoughts and the results you are getting. If you want to change your results you need to change your thinking. Are you thinking $5 thoughts or $500,000 thoughts?  Don’t limit yourself. Expand your mind and ask yourself, “What thoughts do I need to be thinking and believing in order to create the results I want in my life?”