What Does Peace Feel Like?

I ran across a children's book with this title yesterday while Christmas shopping.

I bought it.

The book is filled with children's answers to this question: What does peace feel like?

To me, peace is knowing that everything on the planet and in my day is just as it should be.  Even the "bad" stuff was meant to happen….because it did happen. If it wasn't meant to happen it wouldn't have.  The feeling I get when I believe and know this is peace.  Peace knows it can't change the past.

Peace feels like oxygen in my body. It feels like a deep breath.  It feels like relaxing into a comfortable couch.  Peace feels like a tingling in my arms.  Peace feels like a lightness in my belly. Peace fills like there is more to me than this body, it feels expansive and connected and wonderful.

Peace is what happens when we realize that there is nothing worth fighting for that robs us of peace.  We don't fight for peace. We stop fighting and then we have peace.

We stop the fighting in our minds first.  When we have that peace within our minds, then we can manifest it in our lives.

What does peace feel like to you?