Does it not work or are you not working?

Here are some excerpts from actual emails I received this year:

" I bought your program and it didn't help me one bit."

" I joined a gym and haven't lost one pound."

" I bought a treadmill and I still can't fit into my clothes from last year."

"I joined Weight Watchers and it isn't working."

So the question I send back to them is always, "Did you use and apply what you paid for? Did you do the exercises in the program and eat according to your body? Did you go to the gym and actually workout? Did you get on the treadmill?  Did you follow the Weight Watchers guidelines?"

It is astounding to me how many replies I get that say something like: "not really."

What is this about? 

Are we really that conditioned by instant results that we think we can buy thinness?  Do we really believe that if we join a gym or pay our dues at WW that we will somehow lose weight without doing anything?

I believe the answer is yes. And not only is it yes, but many people then blame the thing they paid money to for not working.  As if somehow the treadmill tricked them into believing that it was the magic pill. 

It is the magic pill.

But you still have to take it.

You can't lose weight permanently by reading a book- you have to apply it. You can't buy my program and listen to it while fog eating oreos and expect to lose weight- you have to apply the guidelines to your life.  You have to count your points and eat according to the plan if you want WW to work.

When you work these programs they work. 

Exercising at a gym works.
Eating when your hungry and stopping the minute you're not-works.
WW works.
Running on a treadmill will help you lose weight if you run on it.

If you believe you can't lose weight you will twist reality to prove it true. 

It's not the program that isn't working-programs don't do the work.

It's you that may not be working.

And that's okay.  But tell yourself the truth and find out why.