Nice Girls Don’t Change the World

This is seriously the best title for a book I have ever read.

I was checking out one of my student's websites and saw this book title.  I bought it immediately.  I received it yesterday and read the entire book this morning.

The book lived up to its title, and Lynne Hybels is now one of my favorite authors.  If you know how many books I read in a month-that is quite a testament to Lynne.  Love her!

Lynne is a pastor's wife and uses the language of God throughout the book, but please do not let that prevent you from buying it if you don't use the same terminology.  This book is about women living their best, deepest and most truthful lives.

I sit here in the afterglow of this book and wish you were here so I could read parts aloud to you.  Here is what I would read:

from page 21:  "The opposite of a nice girl, I learned, is a good woman.  Being a good woman means trading the safe, passive, people pleasing behavior of niceness for the dynamic power of true goodness."

Seriously, Lynne, you are so awesome! Love it!

from page 63:  " I know what it is like to wear a life that is not my own."

from page 70 and 71  " ….disappointing people is the greatest fear of the nice girl….we imagine people saying, " I thought you would be more…impressive."

from page 76:  "Every night I was in awe that God could use someone so weak and fearful.         I also learned that my first response to just about everything is fear.  If I listened to the voice of fear, I would do basically nothing."

from page 89:  "The opposite of a nice girl is not just a good woman, but a downright dangerous woman.  A woman who shows up with everything she is and joins the battle against whatever opposes the redeeming work of God in our own lives and in our own world."

" A dangerous woman delves deeply into the truth of who she is, grounds herself daily into the healing and empowering love of God, and radically engages with the needs of the world."

GOOOO LYNNE.  GOOOO LYNNE.   (do a little groove dance)

Love this woman.  Love her for writing this book for me and for my clients and for all women.

I bought many copies for my friends today.  Buy one for yourself. Do it.

Here's the link:  Nice Girls Don't Change the World