Does it feel like love?

I am a huge fan of my colleague, Jeanette Maw.  She just rocks. No way around it. She recently completed a product called The Art of Self Love that I have been studying this past week.  It is a fantastic product that you can get from her website if you are interested.

On the first audio she talks with her friend and fellow coach, Judy Kinney , about Law of Attraction.  I love this audio because they laugh so much as they teach such valuable information.  I love coaches who laugh!  Anyway, Judy said something that made me stop my walk (I was listening on my ipod) and pause the audio to think about.  She said one of her favorite questions to ask herself is: "Does this feel like love?"


Awesome question.

This made me think of all my weight loss clients who have a hard time telling the difference between overeating and self comfort.  I imagined them each asking themselves Judy's question as they eat.

The truth is- eating fuel and stopping when I am no longer hungry feels like love to me.  Taking long walks and drinking fresh water and having just the right amount in my stomach feels like love.  Overeating Oreos, fog eating Doritos and feeling over stuffed does not feel like love.

We move towards loving ourselves when we move towards thoughts and things that feel like love.  We think loving thoughts that lead to loving actions towards ourselves and our lives when we make love a priority.

It is almost impossible to love ourselves unconditionally and abuse our bodies with food or anything else.

Thank you Judy for sharing the great question.

I hope you all use it as you go through your day.

How much of your day feels like love?

What can you change to love yourself more?