The measure of a woman…

I was watching a TV program the other night and a young athlete was thanking his coach who had taught him so much by telling him,  "The true measure of a man is in how much it takes to discourage him."

I love this quote.  I love it even more when you replace man with woman:

"The true measure of a woman is in how much it takes to discourage her."

I have seen so many of my weight loss clients work through issue after issue without allowing any setback to discourage them.  They go through setbacks, injuries, overeating, negative thinking, criticism, weight gain, and loss without ever allowing the discouragement to take over and lead them.

I am always in awe of this.  I am always inspired when a client tells me that they "did their work" and didn't let the circumstance or action of their life dictate their life's result.  Ultimately these women lose weight and a lot of it.  But much more importantly, they learn that they are the one in control of their interior experience and how they feel.  They learn that discouragement is a feeling caused by a thought-not an inevitable result of working towards something they want.

I have also had many other clients let discouragement get to them from the first thing that "doesn't go their way."  They might gain a pound, or miss a workout, or hear something negative from a friend and dive into a place of discouraged feelings, actions, and ultimately results.  These clients tend to blame others for their feelings and results and feel sorry for themselves.

I love each of these clients equally, but I do notice that the ones who disallow discouragement ALWAYS are the ones who end up measuring their success on the scale and in their relationship with themselves.

How much does it take to discourage you?