I would like to excuse myself from your business

I love the way this sounds.

I love that I can say this anytime I start getting into someone else's business.  Whether I am in their business because I think I know how they should live their life in someway, or I am in their business because I am believing they know how to live mine;  I love that (if it feels bad) I can excuse myself.

The word excuse is the key here.

I am not yelling at them to stay the hell out of my business.  I am not flipping them off because they won't do what I say.

I am saying "excuse me" as if slightly apologizing for my audacity to think I know more about how they should think or behave than they do.  I am "excusing myself" as if from a meal or a party that I no longer want to partake in. 

It's not violent or angry.  It is mannered and gentle.  It is acknowledging that I have found myself in a place I do not want to be and will now excuse myself.

For example:

Someone feels offended and is expressing their outrage that I won't take them on as a client.  They are ranting on and on about how it is my responsibility to help them and that I can't be so busy not to take them on….

It is at this point that I excuse myself from their business.

Or another example:

I think my husband should medicate my mother-in-law when she is highly anxious.  I am indignant about it and forcing him to listen to the list of perfect reasons I have to prove this is the best course of action.  As we raise our voices in disagreement..I pause and say apologetically say to him,

"It is at this point that I would like to excuse myself from your business."

I have enough of my own business.  I am in people's business for a living, helping them sort out their most intimate thoughts and their relationship with their own minds.  I am invited into my kid's business, my friend's business, and I welcome the people I love into mine when appropriate.

For the other precious moments of my life- I want to excuse myself from other peoples' business.