Stumble Often

By your stumbling, the world is perfected.

                                                -Sri Aruobindo

So what you totally screwed it up?
So you said the wrong thing.
You wore the wrong outfit.
You made out with the wrong guy.
You ate the wrong food at the wrong time.

I make so many damn mistakes, I would have to hire a full time assistant to keep track.
But why would I?
My mistakes are the only things that allow for my wins.
I can't win sitting in the corner not wanting to
    do the wrong thing
    follow the wrong path
    make a mistake
    make a complete ass of myself.

I can't do that because that is the journey to who I am meant to be.
That is the path I must stumble on in order to arrive at my destiny.

What the hell are you waiting for?
So what you have tried and it didn't work out?

So what you said something completely inappropriate?
Say something different.

Keep stumbling until you stumble yourself right into greatness.

Hard and often

Then do it again.