Being Uncool

"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is the truth
that we share with one another when we are being uncool."

                                -Line from the movie Almost Famous

These are holy moments, as we come out of hiding and allow ourselves to simply be truthful with another human being, without trying to be cool.

                               – Rolf Gates

Sometimes the truth ain't pretty.

Sometimes I don't like my kids or my husband or myself.
Sometimes I'd rather read than call my friend back.
Sometimes I don't want to go to your party.

I can either please everyone around me by pretending (lying) about what is true for me, or I can tell the truth. 

Many times it is easier to lie. 
Many times I pretend that it's okay that you showed up late.  (it wasn't)
Many times I act happy to hear from you when I really just want to be alone.

I don't tell the truth all the time to you.
Sometimes I call it kindness to lie to you.
It always feels icky.

BUT I do make it a habit of telling myself the truth. Always.
I notice how I feel, what I think and if I believe it.
I notice why I am not telling you the truth, and if the reason is because I want to appear "cool", I try to tell the truth about me to you immediately.

I find the truth does set me free.
I find that showing you who I really am makes our relationship more intimate and honest.
Sometimes my truth ain't pretty, sometimes it makes me seem uncool- and you love me anyway.

It doesn't ever get better than that.