Oh no…not again!

"I can't believe I gained this weight back again."

" I can't believe I ran this credit card up again."

" I can' believe I dated another jerk."

I know better.
I can't get anything right.
I am a failure.
I will NEVER get it.
Something is wrong with me.

Blah Blah Blah

Enough with the drama already.
Aren't you tired of treating yourself like you suck?

I remember doing this to myself over and over and over.
I see my clients do it to themselves.
Listen, you must stop beating yourself up.

The problem is not that you overate or that you gained 70 pounds back.
The problem is not that you overspend or are in credit card debt.

The problem is that you use this as evidence that you aren't worthy or good enough to live the life of your dreams.

Gaining all the weight back that you lost means only one thing…
(and there is no drum roll-there is no drama)

It means you are still trying to get your attention to some of your own self work.
You aren't done with you yet.
You have more to learn about you.
You have more connection to create with your own self.

Running up your credit cards again, when you promised yourself you wouldn't, is just INTERESTING.  It is an opportunity to get to know WHY.  Learn about yourself and why you go unconscious in your own life.

Practice the tools that help you manage your own mind and your own thoughts. Keep practicing.  You might gain the weight back 10 times before you really get the hang of it…


Be nice to yourself and give yourself time to go deeper.
Notice those ridiculous and mean thoughts you think.

For a while, your pattern may look like this:

Get the hang of it
See the cool result in your life
Screw it all up completely by checking out
Get the hang of it (again)

You might have to do this 20 times before you realize you haven't screwed it up in years.

But, by that time, you will be screwing up something completely new…

One more opportunity to go deeper into your own self.

Your own life.

Be willing to do it again and again and again.

Do it with understanding and kindness.