How does it feel to want?

My friend, Meadow, pointed out to me that when I want something I feel good.  She noted that most people feel crappy when they want.

The difference?

Many people don't believe they can have what they want.

I do.

When I want something-I believe I will someday have it.  Now or later doesn't matter.  I get excited at the prospect of it, so I don't need it right this second to feel great about it.

I want the new iphone
I want a pair of black Jimmy Choo heels I saw at Foot Candy.
I want to go water skiing on Thursday with my friend, Dava.
I want to buy a boat
I want to go on another date with my husband

I want more peace in the world

I want the economy to flourish

I want everyone to feel as proud to be an American as I do.

I want to help more people become free of extra weight and self punishment

I want us all to make even more money and give even more away.

Wanting excites me.

If, when you think about what you want, you feel any negative emotion, my guess is you will never get it.  That is not how the universe works.  You get to want from a place of positive attraction, and then there is nothing that you can't have. 

But when you "get" it doesn't matter, because you already feel that it's yours.