Prove Yourself Wrong

I have heard the negative beliefs over and over. They are all some
version of the following belief: "I can't lose weight; there is
something wrong with me." I have also heard all the proof for this
belief. It includes past attempts and diets, no motivation to exercise,
slow metabolism, no willpower, and genetics. This "evidence" is spoken
to me as irrefutable truth. The broken self-promises are all pulled out
as proof that you are somehow broken and not able to lose weight
permanently without a struggle.

I am here to tell you that you are WRONG.

know that sometimes it is hard to hear that everything you have
believed for so many years is a lie-but it is. I know that you might
have been told that you have to go on some crazy diet or get surgery in
order to keep weight off permanently. I know that there are many
examples of other people who have attempted to lose weight and have
been unsuccessful. But none of this is evidence that proves you cannot
accomplish permanent weight loss for yourself.

You can lose weight, keep it off, and end the struggle.


don't care what anyone else has told you. I don't care how heavy your
mother is. I don't care how your sister struggles too. None of that
means you can't be free from overeating and excess weight.

So I
am asking you to prove yourself wrong. Be willing to admit that you
have made a huge mistake in believing that you can't lose weight. You
have really screwed up in perpetuating the struggle by believing that
somehow you don't have what it takes to live in a body that is at a
comfortable and natural weight.

It was hard for me to admit that
I was wrong. I don't like being wrong (just ask my husband). But I was
wrong. There wasn't something different about me that made it
impossible to lose weight. I was wrong when I believed my mother when
she told me, "You will always be a big girl, and you will always have
to watch your weight." She was wrong and I was wrong to believe her.

am tall-not big. And I don't have to watch my weight; I have to watch
my beliefs. And when I find one that is not serving me or working for
me, I am willing to prove myself wrong.

Are you?

Originally posted:  Thursday, July 12, 2007