Are you Bored?

Do you eat when you are bored? What is bored?

Sometimes clients
tell me that they sit at home with a to do list three pages long, kids
that are craving their attention, a book they have been trying to
write, dinner to make and yet they feel bored.

Even with all the
work they have to do and many people to share their life with, they sit
on the couch feeling dull and lifeless. This is when Spicy Cheetos
sound exciting. This is when a luscious tub of chocolate chocolate chunk
fudge brownie cookie cake ice cream sounds amazing. When life is dull
and our thoughts are boring-food all of a sudden seems like

I can't remember right now where I heard it, but
someone once said, "There is no such think as being bored, there is
only being boring." Ouch! You mean bored doesn't happen to me, it is
something I do? Clients never like it when I inform them of this. They
want to believe that boring is something that comes over them-something
they can't control. But that is simply not true.

The first thing
to do when you think you are bored is to ask yourself, "Why?" Wait for
the answer. What do you hear yourself saying? Do you think you are
bored because "there is nothing to do" or because "everything is
always the same?" Notice how these descriptions are passive. Notice how
you have made yourself something that things happen to instead of
someone who happens.

The truth is you can create excitement in
your life and you can create joy. These are things you can actively do.
They are choices. The more you listen to what you want to do and do it
in your life, the less boredom you will feel. The less boredom you feel,
the less exciting a bag of Cheetos will seem.

Get your excitement and joy from fulfilling your desires-not filling your stomach with unneeded food.

Originally posted:  September 2007