What are you asking yourself?

I just went on a week-long houseboat vacation.  I lived in my bathing suit.  When I wasn't water skiing or swimming, I was sitting on the sundeck reading.

When I got home and looked at the pictures, I was astounded that I had been parading around in a bikini for a week with not one negative judgment towards myself.  I had not beaten myself up once for my body.

Those of you who have suffered with your weight and body image know how miraculous this is.

I realized that my new programming has become natural at this point, and on this vacation I had only asked myself great questions. 

Questions like:

Could it be any more beautiful here?
How incredible are these kids?
How fun is this?
Who gets to have this much fun?
Does water get any better for skiing?
How could we get so lucky?
Could my husband be any cuter, funnier, worse at Mexican Train?

I never asked myself why I wasn't skinnier or prettier.  Not once.

Great questions.
Great answers.
Awesome vacation.

Do it.