What are you becoming?

This question rocks.

Answer it.

As a coach, I love questions. I know that the better the questions we ask ourselves the better thoughts we think.  About six months ago I started asking myself, "What is perfect about this?"  This question, asked repeatedly, has changed my whole life.  It helps me look at problems with potential and therefore find amazing and unexpected solutions.  I have taught this question and asked this question to each person I work with in my practice.

And now. I have a new favorite question.

Who am I becoming?

I love the possibility of it. I love the promise of it. I love the future-focus of it.

It infers growth and movement and realized potential.

Write this question at the top of a blank page and then answer it.

I did.  Here is s sampling:

I am becoming more of who I am and who I am meant to be.

I am becoming a better and more outrageous mother.

A fairly good water skier.

An incredible abundance attractor.

A more available and considerate friend.

Much more social.

A yogi.

Unapologetic for who I really am.

An amazing and understanding wife.

More free and accepting.

A "guided" coach capable of genuinely helping others in even just one hour.

An amazing athlete.

A more loving, doting daughter.

A contributor.

What are you becoming?