What I Learned from Christine Kane

This weekend, I flew to Asheville to teach Self Coaching 101 at Christine Kane's Wide Awake Weekend.  I typically do not agree to fly across the country and teach at someone else's workshop, but there was something about her request that made my soul say, "I would love too!"

I just got back home after my 9 hours of travel, and I can't stop thinking about how much I am changed by meeting and sharing space with this amazing woman and her clients. From the moment I met her (five minutes before we started co-teaching our day-long workshop), I knew she was a special being who had much to teach me.

Not just from what she said, but by the combination of wonderfulness that makes up who she is:

She is drop-dead gorgeous. 

If you look at her beautiful picture on her site and add a glow of additional beauty, you will have a sense of her beautifulness.

She is completely humble and overly generous.

She insisted we share the stage at her seminar for the entire day, and she insisted on introducing me in a way that made me want to applaud the woman she was speaking of.

She loves her clients and wants to serve them unconditionally.

She didn't care if I helped them or she helped them.  She didn't care who took the credit or what tools we used, she just genuinely wanted her clients to be helped.

She is caring, intuitive and awake.

She remembered her clients names, even when she hadn't seen them in years. She wanted to hug each of them and talk about their lives.  She shows people that they matter to her by the way she listens to each of them.

She is funny and 100% authentic.

She told us all the truth about her life.  She questioned me when she didn't agree with something I said. And she has an amazing sense of humor and a fantastic laugh.

So what did she teach me by being so fabulous?

She taught me that there is nothing more impressive than someone who has so much going for her being gracious and supportive of another woman (me).

At the end of the seminar, she stood on the stage in front of all the participants and looked into my eyes and told me she thought I was brilliant.  She meant it. She held a space for it.  I believed her when she said it.  

Then she asked everyone to"give me a hand," and they did.

They gave me a standing ovation.

What I noticed, is that in that moment, no one was diminished.  Her telling me I was brilliant, took nothing away from hers.  In fact, it demonstrated it.  I felt we were both expanded by the experience.

What I learned from Christine Kane is that by acknowledging and appreciating someone else-we are being who we are meant to be at the very deepest level.

Thank you, Christine. Thank you.