The Best Things in Life are Created, Not Bought

I am currently reading Katrina Kenison's book, "The Gift of an Ordinary Day."  I am really enjoying her insights about parenting and spending time with her family.  She reminds me to slow down and pay attention to the moments that will all to soon be memories:

My son opening the curtains in our hotel room and whispering, "Thank you, world,"  when he sees the view we have of Disneyland is precious.  But, just as precious, is the drive to soccer practice where he confides to me that had fun playing at recess. 

The other day, while the four of us watched Survivor as a family, I found myself staring at my younger son's face.  I can't believe how beautiful he is.  I can't believe he came from my body.  I am overwhelmed, in this ordinary moment, with the magnificence of my baby boy's face.

And there is so much more…..

My son reaching to hold my hand as we walk into the grocery store.

My husband's beautiful blue eyes when he opens them first thing in the morning.

The fist-pump between the soccer coach and Christian after a good practice.

The parent teacher conference where she tells us how much she enjoys Connor.

My brother's face after driving two hours to watch Christian play.

The sound of wrestling between dad and son from an upstairs room.

My mother, throwing her head back to laugh after a funny comment I make.

Christian holding the door open for me.

As I write, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the gifts I have this holiday season.  I realize that I have so many opportunities to create a wealth of memories and connections without ever stepping into a store or placing one order on line.

You are creating your own life right now with the thoughts you think and things you do.  You may be creating so much more than you realize, just by being who you are.  So take a moment over the next few months and create moments of love and joy by noticing what is already there.  An ordinary day, paid attention to, just might be magnificent.