Merry Christmas Eve

I love Christmas Eve.

I think the anticipation of Christmas morning is as good as the actual day.  My kids are buzzing with giggles and claps and peeks under the tree.  I am in Lake Tahoe where the ground is white and the trees are green and the lake is gorgeous as a background to our Christmas tree.

Today I will make clam chowder and do a puzzle with my husband and dad.  (I think we are the only family who has turned puzzle building into a competitive sport.)  This is the last time I will open my computer today-it was worth it only to connect with you.

I wanted to give you all a digital gift.  I asked Christine Kane if I could give you one of her songs as a listening treat.  She generously agreed.

The first time I heard this song, I high-fived my stereo.

It is so fabulous and so funny.  Enjoy!  And Merry Christmas Eve. 

Click link to listen.

 (No Such Thing As) Girls Like That

You can get the song at iTunes to download by clicking here…

The Track is #23.